The world’s political leaders have signed up to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years: To end extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change. Without a doubt, these are challenging tasks that cannot be resolved by a few stakeholders alone. At TeliaSonera we believe that our services and initiatives can contribute toward achieving these goals.

Our collective actions as global citizens of the world, is what transform the world, for better or worse. History has shown that when millions of people open up to new ideas, embrace new technologies and change their behaviors, humanity has taken major leaps in development. This is evident in democracy, urbanization, industrialization and applies to digitalization as well. The biggest and most profound changes usually come from the bottom up.

I am convinced that part of the solution to many significant challenges we face today, can be found within digital technology and telecommunications. When properly applied, technology can be effectively used to harness land, energy, and natural resources in more efficient ways than what is currently done. By using modern technology, we can for instance offer more cost-effective healthcare to a growing and aging population. The Internet already serves as a global repository for knowledge, training and new innovations easily available to anyone who is connected to the digital society.

The digital revolution of the last decades cannot be attributed to only a few IT companies and politicians. People’s inherent desire to express themselves, improve their lives and communicate with others is what drives this rapid development.

I am not suggesting that every single problem can be remedied with a digital solution, but digital solutions can be useful tools for change. In the hands of individuals, it unleashes creativity that could lead to positive changes for both themselves and their surroundings.

When people are included into the digital society, it connects them to a worldwide movement that, in many small steps, changes the world for the better.

Johan Dennelind, CEO TeliaSonera